formal for‧mal [ˈfɔːml ǁ ˈfɔːr-] adjective
done or given officially and publicly:

• The companies said they expect to sign a formal agreement before year's end.

• No formal announcement has yet been made.

• The British authorities have decided to launch a formal investigation into the company's trading practices.

— formally adverb :

• The merger was formally announced late yesterday afternoon.

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formal UK US /ˈfɔːməl/ adjective
stated or agreed in writing: a formal agreement/contract/offer »

They are required to make a binding formal offer and then publish an offer document within 28 days.

done publicly or officially: a formal announcement/discussion/investigation »

The two companies began formal discussions to renegotiate the $2.8 billion power project.

used to describe clothing that is suitable for important or official occasions: »

Please note that formal dress is not required at the dinner.

used to describe education or training that is received in a school or college: »

Lacking formal education, he worked as a sharecropper and journeyman laborer to support his family.

ECONOMICS used to describe businesses that are officially recognized, pay taxes, etc.: »

In Mexico small and medium-sized enterprises generate six out of ten jobs in the formal sector.

formally adverb

The bid for the company could be formally accepted early next week.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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